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  1. Can you get thelegendary weopons more than once
  2. Viking of The South
  3. Quick leveling method (checking if it still works)
  4. Weapon Leveling Questions
  5. If I like open world/ RPG's, will I enjoy this game?
  6. dead island ultimate edittion?
  7. Dead Island Patches
  8. Orange weapon
  9. Instant kill with tackle skill
  10. Tesla mod and Phoenix mod
  11. Hot Rod Mod
  12. Official Dead Island Tips & Tricks (Making cash, Bloodbath arena, general, etc)
  13. all my saves disappeared! (pc)
  14. end game items
  15. [PS3]Looking for players?
  16. Arena: How Tough?
  17. Whats Your SCARIEST place in Dead Island?
  18. Difference in weapon stats per characters
  19. Higher Level Zed's Demise (can someone give me or dupe?)
  20. Farming Lockboxes Before lvl. 60
  21. How many hours you play?
  22. Chapter 14 the pure bloods....I'M SO ANGRY!
  23. No new patches or stun gun...
  24. 99 skills!! Wow!
  25. See which ID cards you have
  26. My Dead Island Suggestion
  27. Favorite weapon type
  28. Do you prefer 1H or 2H?
  29. What is your total zombie kills?
  30. Are you level 60 yet?
  31. What is your progress on the trophies?
  32. What is your progress with the challenges?
  33. Weird baseball bat In quest blood ties
  34. Your collectibles
  35. (Xbox) Bored!
  36. dead island facebook page
  37. What new mods would be cool on the game?
  38. Changing Dead Island disk region
  39. Can't take any weapons.
  40. Weapon damage
  41. According to the game DI has 2 gold trophies and I have of 1 them?
  42. frend me
  43. Forgotten Side Quest?
  44. Good spot to farm orange weapons with checkpoint
  45. Survival vs. Combat skills
  46. What skill should i choose?
  47. Some parts of the plot I donīt understand
  48. Does holding a heavy weapon has influence on your stamina drain/recovery and running
  49. Hit indicators near the house where you have to pick up a necklace
  50. Traded in the game.
  51. When does your life increase?
  52. File corruption
  53. POSSIBLE reason of data corruption
  54. Clans hit me up
  55. how do you get afrans sidearm?
  56. What kind of nooby things did you do when you first played DI? (nooby time)
  57. Will they ever raise the level cap again?
  58. gabriels sledgehammer ?
  59. What's your favorite Weapon Mod, Weapon Type, Firearm and Weapons ? :)
  60. (PS3) Deleted items?
  61. Rare items you found
  62. Glitch can't get anything out of the back of a car
  63. Dead Island 2.
  64. All Zombies lvl. 60?
  65. Can't find legendary guns
  66. Jungle Chest Farming VS Moresby Chest Farming
  67. What's good about the left hand of glova?
  68. Zombie kills count if..
  69. The perfect start!
  70. Xian Mei Outfit for Playstation Home
  71. How to change my avatar,And how to insert pictures on posts
  72. weird mod I saw in game today
  73. Comparing Dead Island to other zombie genre games - just how good is it?
  74. After 40+ hours of play, some things I still need to master.
  75. Money making opportunities on the resort island of BANOI - Inquire within.
  76. Altezachens Playing Dead Island! Episode #1 COOP
  77. How To Make Easy Money In D.I
  78. $5854
  79. If you could customize your characters clothing what would you ....
  80. Which base of operations would you choose, as a survivor?
  81. Question concerning weapon damage
  82. Could anyone help? Xbox360
  83. A few questions about the game background, and some other things.
  84. No legendary guns!
  85. Friendly killing?
  86. Common knowledge suggests that zombies are attracted to noise, make sense to you?
  87. Need Graphical Help Please!
  88. Playing on the PC, and losing crafted items.
  89. Altezachens Playing Dead Island! Episode #2 funny stuff (Zombie edition!)
  90. dead island legendary wepons
  91. An ending that made me headbutt my keyboard in nerd rage.
  92. Best machete stats.
  93. Rly? Ya, rly!
  94. Problem with 360 controller pc version with Dead Island
  95. Any modifications for Revolvers?
  96. Cant seem to find a good Axe
  97. Prison question
  98. Does it have to be 5 Hours?
  99. Defender of the Motherland or Eviscerator?
  100. Call of Duty - Win Prizes - Cheats - Tournaments
  101. Muliplayer deaths!!!
  102. single player
  103. Help Please
  104. The Walking Dead - Banoi (Official Gaming Thread of Stakk Money Gaming)
  105. Phoenix mod glitching out in PS3
  106. Hey guys what is your fav part about Dead Island
  107. Altezachens Playing Dead Island! Episode #3 Driving test!
  108. Any decent mods working with the current patch/build?
  109. Weapons that didn't live up to their hype
  110. DI made some mistakes... but want to see what they did right?
  111. dead island isnt a game its a lifestyle
  112. Borderlands vs Dead Island
  113. Altezachens Playing Dead Island! Episode #4 The Driver is hevreman
  114. What is the most powerful weapon YOU have created?
  115. How does the game decide how much money to take when you die
  116. Yo dawg me and my friend are searchin for a crew. PC VERSION
  117. Dead Island Demo for PC?
  118. Looking for friends to play DI with
  119. Ya Rly achievement
  120. My Fan Fiction Pairing
  121. Question Black Screen
  122. Tell me about your funniest moment playing dead island
  123. Funny way to rank up
  124. Disabling characters' voices
  125. How to kill a thug in one freakin hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  126. Need fraps for free???
  127. dead island game save
  128. ps3 new cloning glitch
  129. how many others....
  130. reloading a saved game quest issues. ( possible spolier)
  131. error in dead island
  132. Dead island pc,xbox
  133. Saving in Dead Island
  134. So...
  135. Just curious...
  136. Is it me, or what?
  137. Dead Island and Steam
  138. Latest Dead Island Patch
  139. Metal Weapon Crates
  140. Official dead island spam thread.
  141. dissapearing weapon after modding/upgrade. wtf.
  142. Saving problems........again
  143. Freeze fix, read...
  144. Dead Island Forums App beta
  145. Couple of Newbie questions...
  146. Gun Needs
  147. chat in forums?
  148. can not create dev craft mods. any help is much appreciated.
  149. Best gun stats
  150. Glitch? All sidequests reset? Main progress still there.
  151. My Favorite Purna Build
  152. Any downsides to deleting Dead Island Patches? Can I still use DLC? (PS3)
  153. Im SOOO mad about Dead Island. Soeone save my ass.
  154. Could someone please get me a screen shot of the stage on the beach by the resort???
  155. whats you favorite wepon
  156. What is the best weapon in the whole game?
  157. Allgemiene Fragen/General Questions
  158. need unlimited amm on a gun if possible (ps3)
  159. Legendary weapons
  160. A very helpful post these days. ;)
  161. infinite ammo and one shot kill guns?
  162. need unlimited ammo on a gun if possible (ps3)
  163. non lvl 60 legendary weapons
  164. Dead Island Dev. Menu Mod
  165. Petition about release of "old" Dead Island
  166. How to go about collectibles?
  167. Ideas for new characters.
  168. what is the best mod for my strong fire axe???
  169. Weaknesses...
  170. NiteCyper's list of Dead Island tips: amateur and advanced
  171. glitch for devestator mission that seems to be unique to me
  172. Known Weapons Part 1
  173. Known Weapons Part 2
  174. New game question
  175. Dead Island Lagging Issues
  176. level 60 let down
  177. Easy Exp Making
  178. Best Way to Kill Jason
  179. want a shirt
  180. can't continue playing
  181. The 3 Legendary Named Firearms, do they exist or not?
  182. Dead Island - Extended Resoluton - A Tool by Me
  183. They ever release the LEG GUNS for the PS?
  184. Dead Island
  185. [PS3] My Theory on The Legendary Guns
  186. [PS3] Exploding Meat and Ripper Mod
  187. one-shot-kill guns aesthetics problem
  188. Ope stuck at drawbridge and wont move!!! help
  189. Nice stick
  190. Help with sundden microstuttering.
  191. I need to patch dead island off line? HELP.......
  192. Stuck at 60FPS with vsync off
  193. Dead island crowd pleaser/mccalls9mm/defender
  194. Kinda laggy beyond remedy
  195. Favorite Game Variation
  196. Decoy is awesome for everyone but you...
  197. How can I patch my game when I don't have xbox live?
  198. Holy bugs
  199. Dead Island Trading :D
  200. missing weapons
  201. When does the ripper mod come out
  202. Best Mods
  203. Can you chest farm with regular chest instead of red ones?
  204. Not understanding the Xbox 360/flashdrive method in description of video...
  205. Achievement Problem?
  206. Dead Island Ps3 Recruiting
  207. dead island riptide
  208. Analog Fighting HELP!
  209. Dead Island Personal Statistics record?
  210. Ones and Zeroes
  211. could ban me for this...?
  212. Game now unplayable after 4 months
  213. A look Back
  214. Dead Island (RU) Playable in europe?
  215. Scott's Dead Island Let's Play (TPG)
  216. Why cant i level on the forum?
  217. Any new updates/patches?
  218. how do you do the duplication glitch
  219. My keyboard won't work in-game
  220. Where can I get the latest game version or update/patch?
  221. long loading time.
  222. dead island xp question
  223. where can we find landmarks and other crap
  224. Dead island the movie.......
  225. GOTY Edition
  226. (XBOX360)My stats reset to zero!
  227. How to use shock weapon mods
  228. Dead island- BSOD
  229. Is Sinamoi a Maori?
  230. Will my 27 inch bootcamped iMac run Dead Island.
  231. Storage Device Won't Load
  232. You can see
  233. DI GOTY 12 hours straight, Yeah Baby Yeah...
  234. IGTV Dead Island Giveaway
  235. Help!! Ps3 update 1.04 issue!
  236. Graphic Problem?
  237. (PS3) I need a list of all orange weapons
  238. anyone answer this please?
  239. My Only Regret.
  240. in game item
  241. Dead Island : Skulls And Co-op
  242. Need Help! DI lagging on PC
  243. Black screen with audio on startup
  244. Dead Island Graphics help
  245. Ati mobility graphics problem
  246. Dead island Game share (offering stuff)
  247. money money money
  248. Where to find awesome weapons
  249. Where to find awesome weapons
  250. Please check out this video, I BEG YOU. I want to go big, we deserve it.