Quick question, and not to be offend anyone by this as I am the one asking for help but please, please, do not post a reply without a test answer.

Question is, with the xbox 360 version of dead island, does the profile save to the account or to the harddrive. example being if I play it with a friend, and then recover my account at home, will I have to start the game over? Some games save it some don't.

Examples of games which do such are Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and all of the Call of Duties. When you play somewhere else and load your profile somewhere else it carries all of your info because it is saved online. However a game such as this seems like its too much data for online backup.

Example of games which do not save files are games like Oblivion and the Fallout's. Nothing is carried from harddrives so if accounts are transfered you loose all data.

Please and thankyou for any information provided ^_^