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    Red arrows leading to a patch of skulls.

    I have found no help anywhere on this and hope to find some here.
    I'm in act 2 when you go through the sewers leading away from the mayors house (after you bribe a guard with some alcohol). I go a little ways through and climb a ladder to see a red arrow pointing down to a door. I go through the door to find a small room and when I turn to the left I see another arrow pointing down to a patch of skulls with some metal in place to (I believe) look like wings.

    I'm still trying to figure it out (if there is anything to it at all) and was wondering if anyone could help.

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    *SPOILER* there's a skull you pick up in there, pick it up, go find your pile of skulls, and activate it. it gives you an epic craft consisting of 5 Diamonds and a magnet, it's a very epic craft, I highly reccomend you get the skull to complete the pile! *SPOILER* I got it and it's sweet.

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    I saw this, and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't pick up any of the skulls.

    I will have to remember this for my 2nd playthrough!

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    I was wondering what these were, I ran into one on the rocks heading back to the lifeguard tower. Just a flag with two skulls sitting next to it. Is this the same kind of thing?

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    THeres many skulls located through the island diffrent locastions to get them and to put them down. THey give dev mods you can use, i got 2 already.

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