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    I get behind them and backstab, caution on the ram cause he can kick backwards.

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    I dont know
    Quote Originally Posted by Dwonyx View Post
    i just drop a deo-bomb...>.>. lol
    yeah floaters are weak to shock i think
    thats the way to go meng :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draven227 View Post
    I always use Deo's Since I always find a ton of stuff to make them. Or molotov's.

    Near the end I just got tired of dealing with the Rams so would lure them out and lock them in the nearest room.
    I know you don't get XP for "not killing" a zombie, but damn if that ain't a great way to "save them for later".

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    Simple kill them with a Deo-Bomb 5000 base damage plus fire DoT

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreyCamcAm View Post
    I'm Purna and I cant remember which skill it was, but it was something to do with firearms. Now w/e the zombs are on the ground I can stomp on their head and it instantly kills them. So useful. Not with Thugs or Rams, because you can't knock them down (I think), but Floaters (those are the fat things right?), you can knock down, then stomp them once, and they're dead.

    You can knock both thugs and rams down. I've knocked down several thugs in my time with melee, Rams are significantly harder to knock down and I've only successfully done it with a car.

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    Heres a video for the Floater.

    The Rams are very very easy. Let him charge at you and step aside when he runs past you. Then he stops up and roars, use this time to spank the living daylights outta his back, and be sure to step back, or else he will try to kick you. Repeat that method.

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    Deo bombs or Grenades work great. Molotovs don't always work on floaters because they don't catch on fire very easy. Plus deo bombs and grenades have that 5k base damage.

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    ive been findign floaters quite easy, gettign up close and melee with a electric weapon, .. dead. rams yeah hit from behind as otehr peopel have said. easy.
    Most of my deaths have been from infected.

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    With rams.. I let them charge, and then I dodge the charge and let him run past me.. Then I will hit the rage button and pummel him to death with my fists.. Takes about two seconds.

    Floaters I usually just get behind him and mele him to death.

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    Rams Weaknesses : Back side, Shock weapons, Blunt shock weapons work a bit better than bladed (at least for me they do). Try to dodge then when your near a wall and then attack after they'v crashed and are stumbling; this gives you a moment to get a few good hits in. Repeat until they are dead or your shock has taken effect. NOTE : Keep attacking them when they are being electrocuted, they don't always die from this.

    Floaters Weaknesses : Distance weapons, Incendiary weapons, Molotov Cock-tails. For the obvious reasons you need to dodge their 'corrosive spit', and it helps (if you have to time/space, to dodge until they do there 'area attack' when they move from side to side constantly projecting at you. After this point is when you want to open fire on them with Damage dealing throwing weapons or upgraded guns if you have them and extra ammo. Also if you have spare molotov's go ahead and toss one at them. (as I'm sure you'v read during loading screens there 'spit' will light on fire).

    There is always the hack and slash method to killing everything but its a bit riskier and these are some of the more safe, yet time consuming, methods i have used to kill them, hope this helps.
    The only REAL way to kill a zombie is to kill it with a wood chipper.

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