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Thread: Jose Garcia Side Mission?

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    Jose Garcia Side Mission?

    At that #6 bunker down at the south part of the beach, there is a man name Jose Garcia that is trapped behind a fence. There were 2 Thugs there and 3 walkers, also a truck that looked in working condition, but I couldn't get into it. There's a big pile of luggage next to the truck too. So I'm looking around and I don't see any way to help Jose get out or for me to get in. Does anyone know how to do this mission?

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    kill all the zombies then approach him he should trigger the mission completed nad open the gate if not try resetting the console and try again =D best of luck man

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    Yea there was a zombie insde the fence with him I couldn't get to but I killed all the others vs maybe it was a glitch. Ill try what u said

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