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    Exclamation Official Dead Island Complaint thread

    We are seeing way too many complaint threads of the same topic. Do all the complaining you want right here. If you don't post it here, your thread will be closed.


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    I'm complaining that no one has complained here before me... please fix this bug : )
    The only REAL way to kill a zombie is to kill it with a wood chipper.

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    I"m here to complain about Dead Rising. That 3 day timer thing is bullsh*t. And letting prisoners have access to a military jeep and a .50 cal IS NOT FAIR especially during an Escort Mission.


    Also when I was picking my lunch for my graveyard shift tonight, Subway was out of Avocado from my Chicken Bacon Ranch footlong. I'm also angry that I had to go to Subway in the first place because Burger King was out of Gold Peak Tea. I'm also upset because I want Mass Effect 3 now, not in March, but now. I'm also upset because I can't romance Dr. Chakwas, just 'cause she is old doesn't mean she isn't a demon in the sack. You can just tell she's a freak. mmm... Dr. Chakwas.

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    Freeze glitch + save glitch = scared to progress...i've read that the save glitch has been addressed...but is the freeze glitch just a problem with ps3's? If so then i guess the freezes are a part of the game and i will stop anticipating the fix for it. Just tired of having to restart ps3 over and over while losing progress. Only happens to me in multiplayer btw....but who the heck would play single player? it's so boring in single player.

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    aaaaarrrrrrrrrrggh, just lost ALL my modded weapons when I grew them at a suicider, then they disappeared!!! For goodness sake, PLEASE for the love of zombies PATCH to stop weapon losses and save problems PLEASE!!!!


    I lost purple and orange modded weapons with full upgrades.

    I was loving this game but am very very jaded indeed now.

    Any idea if or when a patch will fix this before I take this back to dmamd a refund???
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    Just thrown this out there.

    In 50+ hours (all in coop) the game crashed twice with 0 save glitches.

    The second crash I sunk into a sewer, the screen glitched out and and BOTH of our 360s froze haha.

    ROCK ON!

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    I had a lot of fun playing single player honestly, wasn't trying to make an already easy game easier by adding people for the first play through(granted I was using digital combat mode, so that could have something to do with it). Not to mention I kinda enjoy doing my own thing most of the time.

    sometimes it was boring, but not the majority of the time. Thugs and Rams were annoying slightly but challenging especially when I had to deal with two at once.

    point being solo play is still very rewarding in my eyes for a game this fun

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    I'm having progression issues, can't make it past Ch. 13. I can't talk to anyone in the lab and nothing is helping this glitch. I can't even get into a multiplayer game on 360....

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    my complaint is...why cant we pick up random things

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    I have a complaint about the Game Data not being in my PS3's Game Data Utility. I can access all the Save Data just fine, but I'm not looking to delete any of that.

    If I wanted to uninstall this game to free up space in the future, I would have to reformat my PS3... WTF kind of BS is that? I know this game was supposed to have had a Game Data file, many others have stated that they have it while others don't and normally a game doesn't need to go through an install process if it's not going to have a Game Data file. It would just play straight from the disc.
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