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    Quote Originally Posted by OniDestro View Post
    Freeze glitch + save glitch = scared to progress...i've read that the save glitch has been addressed...but is the freeze glitch just a problem with ps3's? If so then i guess the freezes are a part of the game and i will stop anticipating the fix for it. Just tired of having to restart ps3 over and over while losing progress. Only happens to me in multiplayer btw....but who the heck would play single player? it's so boring in single player.
    If by addressed you mean fixed, then no, the save glitch has not been fixed. Deep Silver sent me this earlier today in response to an email I sent them about the save glitch and network glitch/freezing:
    Dear Customer,

    thank you for your patience.

    It seems at the moment that if you have your online settings set to co-op,
    your data will not save at all.

    Here's a little workaround for this problem:
    - Quit your game and restart your PS3
    - Log out from PSN
    - Change your settings to single player at the main menu without loading a
    save game
    - Launch the game again and see if that works better. It seems to be the only
    thing improving the situation - at least for some players.
    If this works for you, don't forget to log out from PSN before your next
    gaming session, otherwise you'll be haunted again by the glitch.
    Also don't forget to switch PS3 autoplay off if it is switched on, otherwise
    you won't get a chance to log out from PSN before the game starts, which is
    important for the workaround.

    We are working day and night to fix this autosave bug. The second patch, which
    will be released later this week, will finally resolve this problem.
    We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused.

    We are also aware of the current problems with the server infrastructure.
    Please be patient and try again in a few days when multiplayer functions will
    be back to normal.

    So basically looks like they should have a patch, hopefully for both issues within a few days..

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    I'm complaining about being such a badass.

    I'm so badass, I don't run from zombies..they run from me!

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    Hi there,
    thanks for all feedback you've given us!
    We'll listening to your feedback and try our best.

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    First off, thanks for creating this sticky thread. Legitimate bugs, contructive critticism and other kind of feedback, will easier reach Deep Silver, if they don't have to browse through several threads, containing ALLCAPS and excessive use of exclamation points.

    I'm playing Dead Island on a decent PC, on high settings. I've been spared all the critical issues and I would describe my general experience as above average and problem free. I'm very happy I bought Dead Island, enjoy the game and coop is exelently implimented. The issues I have are minor and I understand crashes and save game issues have priority.

    When I play with my friends I usually host the initial game, they report difficulties of joining my game and sometimes needs several attempts to join. A second issue is the ingame voice, which is impossible to disable atm. I'm love to see the ingame voice improved, so you can chose an option to press-to-talk and to mute annoying players.


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    Just putting this one out there seeing as this is the official complaints thread now. Multiplayer is still having issues with connection. This is related to the PS3 version of the 1.1.0 patch.
    It's a damned shame because my friends and I had the sole intention of nailing the campaign cooperatively - 5 ways from sunday. Looking forward to the next patch though!

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    I'm really disappointed by all these bugs. I REALLY wanna get the game, but until all the major problems are fixed I will not. Please hurry and fix the issues

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    my complaint is that ive had the game for a week now and still cant play multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im on xbox 360 and the game lobby just stays greyed out!!!!!

    another ocmplaint is that the devs havent even apologised for this yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    In all honesty, a thread like this is pointless, because people will still keep posting their own threads about how glitchy the game is for them and the **** thats got ****ed up... pointless thread

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    My main complaint is :
    The weapons arent scaled during the 2nd playthrough, the items that you cand find in act one playthrough2 are from 1-12. I found a legendary nail hammah, I was like NICE!!! until I realised it was lvl 8 and im lvl 35 and so are the zombies. So basicly, you wont get any better items until... a patch. I know that it will be fixed in the next xbox360 patch, but so far we havent gotten ANY news about the patch or even got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theguy View Post
    In all honesty, a thread like this is pointless, because people will still keep posting their own threads about how glitchy the game is for them and the **** thats got ****ed up... pointless thread
    That's the entire point.

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