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    Update For Dead Island

    I don't understand WHY 360 & PC got the update when PS3 has the worse problems! The game is great but, the flaws suck! I want to play Dead Island on my PS3 but I cant. if i do, i get a Corrupted File, Lags, Or it just goes & shuts down & goes straight to the XMB bar. Can you please at least release the update sooner. Cause, this is getting ridiculous that I can not play a game i really do like. Thanks.

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    Yeah if I can't play coop then I freeze, if I don't freeze then it shuts straight to XMB, if it doen't go straight to XMB then I get a black screen....

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    I have save glitch

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    Just not fair that they are working on 360 & PC when they dont have the REAL problems. im not putting the game in until they fix it. its just ridiculous.

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    Lol well that's exactly why the update hasn't been released yet, you have more bugs on the PS3, therefore it's going to take them longer to sort them out. If they were to rush it you'd just end up with not everything being fixed.


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    Well there was a patch, they released it. But it sucked, so they withdrew it. The game is still playable you just have to know how to get around he bugs until they fix the issues.
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    I just hate that some ppl can play co op and others can't.

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    Ps3 got a day 2-3 update.

    It was littered with bugs and made things worse. They are testing the crap out of the PS3 patch before they make another mistake.

    PC has had a couple patches already. Most bugs are hardware error.

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    I don't understand WHY you made your font so big... but other than that Playstation has been going through some rough times this past year and im sure they are doing their best and so is techland to get the content out just be happy they didn't decide to release the update with DLC like some douche companies do.

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    I can't read the opening post, can someone please give me a pair of glasses? Thanks.

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