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Thread: Article Contribution Contest

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    Article Contribution Contest

    Time for a new contest guys!

    The point of this one is to add some information to our Wiki Section!

    Any user who writes a well-written article (It can be a guide, a walkthrough, a character skill tree build, anything) will:

    *Receive the Title of "Zombie Contributor"

    *Receive 200 Points

    *Be Eligible to win one FREE Legendary In-game item!

    Make sure the articles are well written and actually have some good content in them!

    Good luck!

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    Do you have to write it or can you put a video in to show it?

    danboi2011 On Steam
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    Oct 2011
    Naturally it has to be an actual Article, not just a Video Post.

    If you write a compelling guide however, adding a Video at the end of the article as a step-by-step guide could be a very nice touch

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