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    Help me stop the hacker

    1 file a complain so they well get kicked off xboxs live

    2 don't play with them becaues if they don't want to play how it was made to be played don't play with them no one wants to play alone.

    3 you can all ways get in there games and just kill them and keep joining them untell they stop playing

    So if you want to stop these people come join me hellya123 on xbox live to stop the people who are making this game not fun send me a messages and help me stop this

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    There is a BIG difference between modding and hacking. Hacking is the infiltration of personal/private property and information. Modding is the alteration of game elements to promote a different game experience. As a member of the modding community, I find it irritating for people to get the two confused, but all the more unsurprised.
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    While I agree that it it's not ethical for people to cheat to get status on the leaderboards, I do think that going in2 someones game and deliberately f-ing it up is a bit drastic. They know they cheated and certainly don't feel the full satisfaction of an actual achievement. If u let them get 2 u, isn't that kind of like reacting to the trolls? If u ignore them, then they don't get the satisfaction of eliciting an emotive response. U are also taking the risk that all these people will report your profile as being abusive, reducing your rating, and risking banishment yourself.

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    It has no detrimental effect on you, nor your gameplay experience (as it's not PvP). I wouldn't bother wastsing your time.

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    Weezil_Of_Mods i think modding and hacking is under the same categori cheating if you dont mean modding like put on skins or maby like change your charrs clothes or somthing thats only visual but everything thats doing changes in the game like infinity ammo is for sure cheating for me.

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    well i troll using deo bombs thats how i get them to stop there bull crap hacking for ps3 or u can lag bomb only them

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