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    (PS3) Orange weapons trade and cash

    here is a list of what i have.

    Assassins Greed
    battle double blade
    big splitting axe
    bleeding bouncers pal
    brutal sickle
    deathstalker slicer
    deathstalker zeds demise
    diving knife
    exotic sickle
    gabriels sledgehammer
    heavy baton
    heavy brass knuckles
    heavy hammer
    heavy wrench
    kitchen knife
    lightning cudgel
    magic wand morning star
    magic want pickaxe
    military knife
    military machete
    paralyzing wakizashi
    pick of destiny
    Short circut zeds demise
    tijuana machete
    toxic wakizashi
    viking of the south
    wicked sickle

    and as always i can make you oodles of money in exchange for weapons i dont have (1 million)

    Roberto_FTW on psn

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    Papa Mudd
    u put some crappy mods on some otherwise good weapons...

    so what are you missing some guns?
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    What are you looking for the Assasins Greed or Eviscerator heck even the Viking of the South?

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    honestly i havent really modded much
    i either did it when i was an lower level or the weapons were traded to me with mods

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    Zombie Slayer hunterxkx's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Right behind you
    Are they level 60?
    Read it or Beat it

    Pinecone will find you.

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    No sorry man :/
    i dont level up super fast
    for some reason i get a fourth the experience of everyone else
    so i am 49 right now
    but if i come across 60 later i will send you a message

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    Zombie Slayer hunterxkx's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Right behind you
    sure thing, and yea i feel you. Leveling up is pretty hard...
    Read it or Beat it

    Pinecone will find you.

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    Papa Mudd
    Have you beat the game yet?

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    LVLn up is easy. Just dont expect to do it by killing zombies. Its better to play through the game. Challenges are alot more than zombies. Plus if you havent beaten the game since the last patch you may not know that the challenges adjust the xp after beating it once. Makes it super easy. Also champagn gives you like 10,000 + from svetlana. Good time to start farming champagn and money from the supermarket.

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    i have beat the game, and i do all kind of quest
    i get 1000 for the champagne

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