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    Why can't I drive the first truck at the Lifeguard Station?

    I got Dead Island for Christmas and just started playing it today. At the lifeguard station, after I get the parts for the guy, and he fixes up the truck, I can get in it, but I can't drive it, the same goes with the one at the lighthouse. Do I need more experience or whatever in order to drive them?

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    strange. sounds like a glitch of some sort. maybe just quit and restart. i know the one at the lifeguard station you cant drive right away. you have to go do a mission then come back then you can drive it but the light house one is up for the taken as soon as you get there

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    make sure you sit in the Driver's seat, and press W to start the vehicle.

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    Papa Mudd
    Quote Originally Posted by Krule World View Post
    make sure you sit in the Driver's seat, and press W to start the vehicle.
    or one of the triggers on top of the controller if you are playing on a console. Its R2/L2 for PS3, but it might be the top triggers on the xbox I'm not sure...

    and the driver's side of the car is the right side (from inside the car)

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    I always ALWAYS get in the cars on the wrong side lol It threw me off at first but now I know to scoot over haha

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    hahaha congrat now you have learned to drive a car in DI ;-)

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    u get the key from the person at the bunker already?

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    It also takes some time before Hank has the car ready, but I see you already solved it

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