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    Quote Originally Posted by Perkinfected View Post
    70 Im maxed out at it It should go to 100
    I agree max out was 60 in DI I would have thought it would have been higher in second one especially since you were able to carry over old character makes no sense to me thats its only 70
    Unless third part will be a lot longer and hard guess we will have to wait and found out..

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    its 70
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    DLC increases it to 80? i hope.

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    I tried modding the level cap on the PC version to 110. Unfortunately, although I succeeded, there's a negative effect of the weapons being unable to go up in level as well (it seems they're hardcoded to be maxed at 70 as well). Of course, I tried increasing the level cap for weapons but it resulted in a crash. Anyway, what happens is you can't damage zombies anymore even with guns or ammo, so you end up with a game where you just run around trying to avoid getting eaten and unable to complete "Kill Them All" types of missions.
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    I ported Xian from DI to riptide and I leveled off to 70 and I still need to finish my character's skill tree Fury, Combat and Survival (so close to finish, but no cigar), the top level in riptide is 70.
    I hope Deep Silver let the characters level up to 100 in their new Dead Island 3 ( still deciding the sub name) that is said to come out in late 2014 or early 2015. I emailed them to please check thoroughly to make sure there is no glitches and can asked if the new game be a sequel pick up where riptide cliff hanger left off and continue making this a longer game, plus slowly introduce new characters we would play in the fourth Dead Island.
    I don't know why I started to play the third time. I stopped since i can't build any more skills.
    I really like my character Xian, she is bad-ass when it comes to melee weapons. I had decapitated 3 zombies at once with a death stalker Chinese sward ( it only took one hit).
    The secret to killing the butcher is to aim low around the waist with the death stalker or any poison machete or Chinese sward ( use the poison mod that makes them puke).
    The floater I like to shock them.
    Thugs I use the poison mod that makes them puke. Screamers I keep a distance and use Molotov (around 3 or 4), but I take out the infected first as they sense your presence first.
    If there are large groups of infected and walkers in a room or corridor, I use Sonic Pulse Grenade; it blows their heads off and they start swinging and take a few steps and collapse... it is funny.
    Ram is one of the super zombies I hate, but I figured out if i have a short wall between me and him i can keep my distance from his foot kicks and I use Molotov, poison grenade and a shock machine gun.
    Wrestler are easy lugs. have them follow you..., don't worry they are not fast. find a doorway that is a standard size and they can't get through even though they try, you just throw Molotov, use the shock machine gun or shock riffle, and poison bomb, they are easy kill.
    I guess I love to hack away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perkinfected View Post
    70 im maxed out at it it should go to 100
    totally agree!!! Why just 70??? And why just 60 in dead island???

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    They need to add 10 more levels in a patch so people can finish off their trees

    and yes I ****ing want a DLC that opens up more areas in Henderson and the ferry docks where you find the sniper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korin View Post
    DLC increases it to 80? i hope.
    Wait! Wasn't Riptide a DLC? This game was much too short.

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    it stops at 70 , i was sad , because there more skill to upgrade ...

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