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    dead island riptide no sound issue

    i have been playing the dead island riptide for about a hour and i have no sound what so ever i'm playing it on xbox 360 and it's hard to play a game with no sound what so ever so please fix it or refund my money due to a messed up game

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    I have the same issue here ALL of a sudden the game lost volume period. Very difficult to play without music/sound , anyone else having this issue ???

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    My volume went out about an hour ago and I have no idea why either. I called Game Stop, went and got a different disk, and same issue. I've tried deleting all data to no avail as well. I'm hoping it's an issue that will have a patch for today or tomorrow. Here's hoping.

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    Same issue here.

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    I"m hoping it's the servers. I get volume in the beginning of the game loading but as soon as you I have the option to start or continue the sound goes out. Maybe they'll patch it soon.

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    yep same here. man this is frustrating

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    yep, I'm having the same issue.

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    Same issue here. I can play for about 10 minutes or so and then the sound will cut out. I though it was my audio receiver so I plugged directly into the TV and same issue. Also, when I exit to the dashboard there is no sound there for a while either.

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    Well did happen to the first dead island too wait for the patch it will fix it hope so

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    For a game to make it to gold without catching an issue like this is completely unacceptable. Dead Island was a bit of a mess, but I had fun playing it and that's what counts. I figured I would have faith and hopefully have some more fun slicing and dicing some more zombies when I came to find I would be losing audio every 10 minutes unless I restart my xbox. This better get patched quickly or Techland won't be getting my support again.

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