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Thread: New Weapons

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    New Weapons

    So I recently finished Dead Island Riptide, and I decided to go through and mod my gamesave (you know, to try out all of the weapons), and I can say I was thoroughly disappointed with the lack of additions. Besides the nailgun, taser, rocket launcher, sniper, I hated the fact that no new legendary weapons were put in... IE. they kept all weapons the same, such as the eviscerator, zeds demise, banisher, and all of the other weapons. I would personally love to see an update or dlc that includes a plethora of new weapons, whether they be variations of pre-existing weapons, or entirely new weapons.

    Does anyone else have this idea in common, and if so, what would you love to see implemented? I would love to see a compound bow put it, along with mods such as diamond tip arrows, flaming arrows, and maybe even a triple arrow mod, and a legendary bow, also. So what do you guys think?

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    I would like to silencers for my guns so I can take out zombies without attracting the crowd with gun noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTM View Post
    I would like to silencers for my guns so I can take out zombies without attracting the crowd with gun noise.
    I've said that a few times. Seriously should be an easy mod to add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTM View Post
    I would like to silencers for my guns so I can take out zombies without attracting the crowd with gun noise.
    Yeah I agree, that would be really easy to add, or they could like just make it an optional attachment that takes away damage, but isn't a mod, so you could still have a mod on a gun.
    P.S. I like the Ozzy reference Mr Crowley

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    I have another thread about this, so i figure is state my opinion its rather long:

    • Nodachi or Odachi, idk the correct spelling, seen it spelled those 2 ways. Thanks to Edward Richtofen for opening my eyes to that beautiful weapon. Its basically a 6-7+ foot katana. (Legendary should be "The Emperor" or "Last Samurai")
    • Crossbow (Legendary should be "Daryl Dixon")
    • Huge Double Axe (Legendary should be "Golden Axe" or "Death Adder")
    • Weed whacker (Legendary "The Mexican Gardener" similar to "The Italian Plumber" stereotypical name)
    • War Hammer (Legendary should be "Greater Ajax" or "Baratheon")
    • Scottish Long Sword (Legendary should be called "William the Conqueror" or "The Highlander")
    • Rapier Sword, those skinny French swords (Legendary should be "D'artagnan" or "The Musketeer")
    • Wireless Drill Gun (Legendary should be "Bob Vila" or "Home Improvement")
    • Instead of one Render claw, they should have it on both hands. (Legendary obviously "The Wolverine")
    • Tommy Gun (Legendary should be "Al Capone" or "Valentines Day Massacre" or "The Gangster")
    • Minigun, handheld one, not the mounted turret bull****. (Legendary should be "Blain Cooper" or "The Terminator" or "Predator")
    • Chain with Padlock (Legendary should be "Chain Gang" or "Homie" or "The Biker")
    • Trident (Legendary should be "Poseidon")
    • Pitch Fork (Legendary should be "Satan's Instrument" or "The Farmer" or "The Angry Villager")
    • Arm Stump (Legendary should be "Merle Dixon")
    • Flail (Legendary should be "The Bishop" or "Crusader")
    • Mallet, big two handed one not the meat one. (Legendary should be "Eustace Bagge's Ballad" or "Me Mallet")
    • Bow and Arrow (Legendary should be "The Chief" or "Apache" or "Robin Hood")
    • Flame Thrower/Napalm (Legendary should be "The Veteran" or "Veterans Day")
    • Jackhammer (Legendary should be "Construction Worker" or "Demolition Man" or "Powerdriver")
    • Spear and Javelin (Legendary for Spear should be "The African Hunter" or "Savana" or "Caveman" and the Javeline should be "Gym Teacher" or "Olympic Medalist")
    • Bowling Ball! lol it could be a weapon, i have seen some serious **** with that (Legendary should be "The Big Lebowski" or "The Dudes Ball" or "Shut the **** up Donny")
    • Scimitar, an Arabian sword (Legendary should be "Aladin's Wish" or "The Sultan" or "Azeem's Devotion")
    • Bayoneted Rifle (Legendary should be "George Washington" or "American Revolution")
    • Pool Stick (Legendary should be "Money Hustle" or "8 ball" or "Billiards Brake")
    • Uzi (Legendary should be "Yakuza King" or "Cartel King")
    • M202 Flash or Quad Rocket Launcher (Legendary should be "Obama" or "U.S. Muscle" or "**** You Kim Jong-un")
    • Whip (Legendary should be "Cowboy McCoy" or "Horses Best Friend")
    • Wireless Saws (Circular saw, Band saw, Jigsaw, Reciprocating [Sawzall], Mini Table saw) (Legendary should be "DeWALT" or "Milwaukee" or "Mikita" or "Sawzall" (for Reciprocating saw) or "Bosch" or "Home Depot" or "Lowes")
    • Hedge Clippers (Legendary should be "Edward Scissorhands" or "Spring Cleaning")
    • Hammer Drills (Demo-Hammer and Bull Point Hammer) (Legendary should be ("Jacknife" (for Bull point hammer) or "DeWALT")
    • Wireless Shaver (Legendary should be "Billy Mayes" or "The Trimmer" or "The Albanian/European Hairdresser")

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    That is the most beautiful list I have ever seen, and I hope that at least half of these are put into the game at some point.

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    I like the suppressor option idea for taking out zombies stealthily, and then removing it when you want to go loud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeper8x8 View Post
    I have another thread about this, so i figure is state my opinion its rather long:
    i was kinda hoping in this game there would be more stupid weapons, like wooded chairs, chains, car tires, whatever. that was the only thing i liked about the dead rising games you can pick up anything and beat down zombies with them and they had cool stuff like lawnmowers and ice augers

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    riptide is not dead island 2!

    it is kind of a spin off and the publisher from techniland said that the real new things in every part of the game will be in a dead island 2 for sure.

    i guess thea are planing it for the new gen consoles.

    but i love the list above. made my day!
    sorry for my english - i am german

    look at my tutorial:
    dead island riptide - 8 gold weapons every 5 minutes - best way to farm gold weapons

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    I did not know that, however, judging from this ending, I would say they are saving Dead Island 2 for Next-gen.

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