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    Exclamation Dead Island 2 Features list

    I recently picked up Dead Island Riptide so I realize I am late to the party, but I wanted to give some
    feedback for the upcoming Dead Island II. I want to discuss the things I feel are lacking and offer
    some suggestions as I think the direction and approach to the whole Zombie genre are enhanced by
    your offerings.

    Here's a list of features that I think are important:

    1. Repairing on the fly – Weapons should be able to be repaired in the field without need of a
    repair bench. In Riptide the prevalence of benches was almost absurd. Might as well give up on
    the whole randomly placed bench in favor of gathering repair supplies from discarded junk

    2. Gear - Players should be able to find and get rewards that can improve stats including health
    and armor so damage can be somewhat mitigated as the enemies scale up. This adds another
    great element to the game in that there is more gear to collect! Stat modifiers can affect
    everything from health and regen to crit, DPS, and weapon skill. Ultimately this expands the
    game into more of a survival horror zombie RPG game giving it even more depth.

    3. Expanded talent tree - A system of talents that far more unique to each class allowing also for
    more customization is important. It makes the classes more important but still would allow for
    unique customization to the player. It should also be mentioned that all players should have
    access to certain key features in extra XP gained and money gaining skills so that each player
    has the same opportunity, if they choose that skill, to benefit in those ways. This will create less
    level and money disparity and avoid the problems of seeing two players with equal play times
    progressing at different rates.

    4. Content based on party size - Dead Zones and other content should adjust to party size so that
    mobs and bosses would be tougher in bigger parties. Employing such a system will make it so
    that these zones have a unique experience based on party size, and if there is a certain number
    of players required to spawn such-and-such a boss, for that zone, that would encourage
    intermingling and create additional content without a great deal of additional level design.

    5. Quests - After finishing Riptide, I can say that it would have been more enjoyable to see those
    quest lines that were for the team, last from beginning of the game to the end, and involve
    going through certain Dead Zones, not just to acquire the needed materials, but to bring
    continuity to the entire experience. Also, having a key quest giver die off should never be
    allowed without forcing the player to complete that quest line.

    6. Game continuity - The major thing I noticed is the game environment never changes or
    evolves. Areas should change based on the story and quests. Instead of just adding new people,
    the environment should reflect the changes the player and environment are undergoing. Prime
    example, in the quest Perfect Plan, -- you have to go to the bank despite it not looking like it
    was robbed, and then go to the pier to stop the guys and get the money back. The environment
    here isn't indicative to what the story suggests. There are no signs of how the men transported
    the safe from the bank, and what is there suggests that the robbers tried to place the safe onto a
    truck with no tires. It just didn't make any sense and the two NPCs with guns didn't do much to
    convince me that this was a scene with much importance.

    7. Mods & Weapons - Something that eludes my comprehension is how or why there would be
    any mods introduced in the last ten percent of the game where they may see use for roughly five
    actual minutes of game play before the whole thing is over. To me, it makes more sense to be
    finished collecting the mods by about the 70% mark. Finding good weapons to put these mods
    on should be all that one encounters from the near end.

    8. Dying - Top of the frustrations list would be the number of times I was just simply tapped on
    the shoulder and killed. I like hardcore as much as the next guy, but it doesn't seem right that a
    zombie can fell me within 3 hits. Utterly ridiculous is the concept of a zombie throwing a knife
    with deadly accuracy. This may have been the dumbest part of the game as ranged damage
    should be reserved for humans with intelligence or the floater/spitter type of zombie.

    9. Death Penalties - Why does the amount of money I have affect my death penalty? I realize and
    want there to be a penalty for dying, but basing it on how much money I have doesn't make
    sense to me. If there was gear then that could be damaged and in need of repair work, which
    makes sense. This makes it so you don't base the death cost on the amount of money rather the
    quality of gear.

    I have more ideas but I'd like to see how well these are received and see if this sparks any health discussion.
    Thanks for reading!
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    So i decided to make a second post with more features and direction i would like to see the game go in hopes the developers read it and give input on the ideas and what's realistic and what isn't with their development time frame.

    1) Factions, I would like to see opposing factions in the game like survivors and government/military allowing this game to be more open world MMO style so you can have several areas that are faction based. This will also allow us to have faction based quest in areas where your flagged for pvp when doing certain quest in those areas making it more difficult to complete them should you run into other players at the time.

    2) Classes, This goes along with #1 where we can have 4 or 5 different classes allowing us to have balanced party sizes and abilities that come with assigning each survivor more of a class specific skill set and such.

    3) User interface, The UI from the first 2 games was at best very limited but otherwise horrible because it was so very lacking for this game being CO-OP and promoting team play. I need the ability to see whose in my party, how much HP, RAGE and such at any given time. I need to know when my partner is down and needs healing without him shouting i'm down. I dont want to have to ask for basic information about a party member because its not displayed up in the left corner under my name and information and this is a must for the game. We need a much more vibrant and options available for the interface to be customized to a player's liking in the game. So let's keep this in mind for the next game and create a feature rich UI that will make playing the game in a party a lot more enjoyable and group cohesion when you plan and play the game at any given moment.

    4) Weather, System I'd like to see weather play a larger role in the next game, id also like to see different types of rain from light to very hard that can affect the players, zombies and the environment itself making it harder at times maybe in high winds with hard rain, causing dry areas to maybe flood a little bit. All of this helps make the environment more immersive to the player but can also change the dynamic of the world and how it affects your game and fighting at any given moment.

    5) Day/Night Cycles, This is also something that is very important to a survival/horror/zombie/rpg game because this has a huge effect on how you play the game, when you play the game when you have a true 24/7 cycle in the game. It also allows for night xp/money increase for playing at night when it's harder but also taking the chance of losing more playing at night, gotta have the give and take night time bonuses.

    6) DLC, I would like to see this game supported with dlc content vs waiting 2 years for an expansion or something because it will allow your game to survive much longer and keep people playing the game while you work on a larger game expansion. This will allow you to release say another section in the game, add 5-10 more levels to gain, new dark zones and new quest and pvp zones. I think all in all offering these every 3 to 6 months for 19.99 or something will give your game continued life vs people just finishing the game and moving on for however long it takes for the next game or expansion. This will also allow you to build a much deeper story to tell and allow that story to continue on vs just having an ending and us players always wondering what direction the story is going to go in the next DLC and where its gonna take us in the new area added, just food for thought.

    7) Hidden Quest , I do like the idea of having easter egg type quest that are hidden well either with in a quest chain that won't unlock that NPC with a quest somewhere else pr something but what i dont like is rewards that may be key and finding out later you cant get it because said NPC is gone and not to return. This can be very frustrating when you look up items or mods only to find out that once you past a certain point of no return you can no longer get that item or mod at all and think this is kinda wrong to do. If your going to do this then those same items or mods should then become available say in a hidden shop that can be unlocked by completing certain quest or something like that. This way there's always that chance of getting those items if you figure out who and how to get them since you missed them earlier in the game because there dead or whatever.

    8) PVP , This goes back to having 2 factions in the game and having a feature rich pvp system in the game from weapons only, guns only and more modes available to play and giving players something else to do after they have capped out there level and finished all the available story in the game. I would also like to see different styles and mods of pvp from secure,capture the flag and more to keep things interesting from day to day pvping in the game for players that can compete on the in game leaderboard. ( see feature 9 ) It would also be nice to have many parts of the environment broken down into different maps to keep it fresh and not playing on just 2 or 3 maps over and over and have more maps added through DLC content either with the mini expansions or separately in its own DLC.

    9) In Game Leaderboard, I think this is something very important to have in the next game that allows players to compete for a great deal of different things not only in PVP but also in CO-OP/Story mode. We can have things from most head shots, decapitations,multiple limbs,group kills and more. Now with PVP side of things it can be things like most kills, highest crits,wins,losses and a ton more to keep things spicy. I think this is just an added feature that will keep players more active not just playing the story but also in pvp and wanting to get in the top 10 or fight for the number 1 spot in many different things. It should also include a lifetime leaderboard and a cycle style leaderboard that resets say every 3 months giving all players a chance again to rank up. Again this is all about giving players another reason to stay active in your game and playing while you're working on new content and expansions of the game.

    10) Saved Game & CheckPoints , I think we need a better way of doing checkpoints and your saved game when it comes to solo play and coop/team play where things can get a little confusing for some. I think when you exit a game or everyone leaves your game that it should revert back to anything you did solo despite doing it again say with others. I think this is something that should be automatic where if i leave a game and said game did not complete certain quest i shouldn't have to go back to my checkpoint created for things to not reset. I think this should just be a given when i leave or players drop it should just switch back to my saved game without taking me to where i was via the map per my last checkpoint. This way i can stay right where im at on the map but all the stuff i completed solo will show completed again once im back in solo mode despite not completing certain quests in a friends game.

    11) Inventory, This is something i wanted to touch base on from the first hour i played the first game because its just so very flawed in a few key ways that need to be fixed in the next game. When your inventory is full, you should not have the option to pick something up thus dropping whatever weapon is equipped. This leads to the small chance of dropping a main good weapon for something garbage and not noticing right that second and then losing your weapon because you dropped out or your internet dropped or whatever. The fact is when your full you should not be able to pick anything up regardless unless you make a spot by going into your inventory and dropping a weapon or item to make room for what you want to pick up. I also personally dont like the auto equip feature because the community had to fix the times to avoid ato equipping everything from booze to bad weapons. I think there should always be set up where you have to go into your inventory to swap out weapons or items in your inventory at all times.

    12) Booze,Grenades,molotovs and more, We should be given say 4 specific slots for all these things that dont count against what you currently have equipped weapon wise and just think it's silly because it lead to the issues above with the auto equip feature. This will allow you to equip certain grenades and such and then bind keys to toss them without them being shown in your hands. It will also allow you to throw a grenade and still have your key weapon equipped to continue fighting after throwing it without having to make a switch and make the gameplay much smoother and a little faster. This to me is very key and makes the harsh difference between a clunky system vs a very smooth system that never really makes you feel its taking you out of the gameplay itself at any point in time. i dont want to have to switch to my cocktail or grenade to then throw it and then think now i must switch back to continue fighting because i'm already dead long before that. I also dont want to be forced to have to be in a safe spot to throw something into the playing field so i'm not worried about dying before i switch back to my main weapon either. Again this is very key to having a very smooth flow of gameplay never really making you feel like you're being taken out of the heat of the moment or your immersion in the game.

    13) Crafting System, This is something that would be separate from mods for weapons but allow players to craft gear,weapons and more in the game from the simplest things to the most extreme and rare things in the game that can only be obtained through crafting. This adds yet another element into the game that keeps things interesting and fun but also a great way for players to get gear that doesn't rely on drop percentages or trying to farm items out. It can also be a great way of players earning say key pieces of loot when it comes to some of the best loot in the game through crafting. This can also work for quest items that must be crafted to then be turned in to level up or skill up your crafting ability in the game unlocking other crafting quest and recipes in the game forcing you to use the skill if you want to get to the better items in the game making the game deeper and more fun.

    I still have a very long list of things and i'm still adding more things as i finish up riptide over the next few days but again i dont want to feel like i'm wasting my time either posting all this stuff if the developers and key publisher people never seeing it. So again id love to hear input and feedback not just from them but also the community in things i may have not added yet or better ideas based on what is already posted. The key here for me is not seeing a great deal of the same mistakes that were made in the first game only to see almost all of them made again in riptide leaking into the third game. I'm not saying i didn't and not enjoying the current games but there is really a high level of frustration of wondering why so many things were done the way they were and why issues hadn't been long since fixed via patch or even carried over from the first game. I think with the communities help and the new developers we can get the best game in the series to be quite honest and see a new genre of game completely that i dont think has been done and that's basically the world of warcraft of horror,zombie,survival with many twist and less of the mistakes of wow and get a game people could play for years and years if it stays supported with new content in a timely manner.


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