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    if you have a chainsaw, all you have to do is litteraly stand there and hold the trigger. Its SOOOO easy it shouldnt be allowed....

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    Most easy way is to use glovas left hand. Thug is falling to the ground then give him a kick to win some time until your stamina has recovered and then kick in his head.
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    This helped soo much, i like to just run around and explore, but i always die when there's these big crowds with thugs or screamers, even floaters... dont like them Is there an easy way to kill screamers?

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    I always stab him multiple times with a poisoned kitchen knife or dagger until he makes the "hemmmmmmmmm...." sound and then finish him off with more stabs. It's so hilarious when he makes those noises. LOL.

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    Is there any way to knock them on the ground?
    I got a side quest that required me to kill a thug inside a bathroom and I managed to knock him on his back somehow. I would like to do this again.

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    Use a sticky bomb on them and use slash weapons to cut ther limbs. Also if they hit certain objects when fighting they can be knock down to the ground.
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    it is imposible. thank for information

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