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    Papa Mudd
    effects and damage should be added I think. Great post!

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    Head Hunter shadowflare140's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
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    yea i think so too. maybe also add a picture of what it look like and a picture on its stats as well

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    Zombie Slayer hunterxkx's Avatar
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    Thakns for the ideas, Ill try to get some pics, but I proabibly will put the stats of the grenade mods, but not the red hot blade beacuase the damage depends on the weapon.
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    Papa Mudd
    don't have to put damage for redhot blade just its modifiers... I think its like 4%fire 6%crit

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    I am really trying to have this dlc. Can i borrow someones account for ps3? Pls i wont hack ur profile i will just download it and play on my account. I swear to god i wont hack ur profile.

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    Super Moderator sartex's Avatar
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    It doesnt work that way.

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    Lone Wolf iMezhaRx's Avatar
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    Got them all :P

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    Which of the blueprints in the Bloodbath arena is worth Getting? most powerful?

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